Some Serious Strength Skills

I struggle to do a home strength exercise routine at the best of times, even more so since I quit going to the gym. But the need to make sure I am doing it right and to learn modifications with the resources I have around the house is also important. So I decided to check-in with the new local physiotherapy and exercise business in the Allendale community: Connect Physiotherapy and Exercise

I usually use circuit training in gyms and seldom use free-weights or kettle balls and certainly don’t have much in terms of gym equipment at home. But what I needed was a refresher for many of the basic strength exercises. It turns out Connect offers a four week group strength training class.

Jonathan Chui was our instructor. His personal knowledge and ability to explain and show us examples of the training was extensive. When it comes to people who need to counteract declines in muscle mass (i.e. getting old like me), improve their strength, posture, balance, and mobility, Jonathan’s guidelines were easy to follow. Most of all, I learned the proper form using hand weights. He also made suggestions on what I could use at home to supplement a gym workout. Now I just need to continue this for winter sports like ice skating and navigating our sometimes icy sidewalks!

The facilities at Connect are on par with private or public facilities. Being local also means you can get in a bit of cardio by power-walking over there from home. The best part is they also offer a drop-in Exercise Club, which is priced very competitively. But this is the better deal when you don’t have to battle traffic both to the gym and home if you decide to walk or even jog over there. Check it out.