Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention in Allendale

One of the easiest ways to reduce crime is to get involved in the community! We are looking for a volunteer to fill our Crime Prevention Coordinator

Research has shown that crime is significantly reduced in communities where residents are visibly present and are actively involved on their streets and in their neighbourhoods.

The Edmonton Police Service provides some tips to help you keep your home safe at EPS – Protecting Your Home.

While securing your home and property are important, we also need to be vigilant and work together to keep our community safe. Nobody knows their neighbourhood, particularly their street, as well as the people that live there.

If you notice suspicious activity in your area, including suspicious vehicles, you can report to the Edmonton Police Service by calling the Edmonton Police Dispatch line at 780-423-4567 or 377 from your cell phone. Note that 377 can be called for free from any mobile phone within city limits to reach the Edmonton Police Service’s non-emergency complaint line.