Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Allendale

Excerpt from the City of Edmonton:

Two parks in the Allendale neighbourhood have been included in the 2021 Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Program, and as part of this program we have planned to add new trees in this location. Notices will be delivered to adjacent properties and signage will be placed in the neighbourhood to provide advance notice of planting activities.

The tree planting locations in the park have been designed to maintain accessibility at all points and the continued use for informal play and recreation.

The species have been selected to improve the overall tree canopy diversity throughout the city as managed by the Urban Forestry Operations team.

The City is making unprecedented investments in growing the urban tree canopy in the city by planting an additional 6,000 new trees total in 2021 and 2022 through the Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Program.

Tree planting for 2021 began in April and is expected to wrap up in October. For inquiries, please contact treecanopy@edmonton.ca

Please find below the layout of the new trees for your reference.


For inquiries, please contact treecanopy@edmonton.ca
[Note: there are black circles along the edges of the white dotted areas indicating tree placement]