NextDoor: What is it? How can it help?

The Nextdoor app and online version is a social networking platform for local communities and neighbourhoods. Instead of connecting you to any user across the world, Nextdoor narrows your network to those in your surrounding area.

Their mission is to “provide a trusted platform where neighbours work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities, all over the world.”

With the Nextdoor app, users can interact with their neighbours, discuss community news, and recommend local services and businesses that they like.

NOTE: For security, we recommend that if you sign up you update your address in your profile to just show your Street or Avenue not your complete address

Help Map During Isolation

Proximity matters — there has never been a more important time to know your neighbours.  Nextdoor launched two new products to help connect right now. 

The first feature they launched will facilitate neighbours helping neighbours. It’s called Help Map. The Help Map allows those in need to easily identify which neighbours have raised a hand to assist with an errand — or just give a call to check in

Nextdoor Groups

The second is Nextdoor Groups. Some people have used an early version of this tool to organize around shared interests like hiking or reading. Nextdoor has officially launched Nextdoor Groups so neighbours can organize for those who may need assistance during this challenging time.

Please check this information to understand what social distancing means and use this to protect both yourself and your neighbours.

Thank you for being a good neighbour.