Memberships are purchased for the period September 1 to August 31 and are $5 per person or family. Members must fill out a membership card with at least an email address for communication purposes (but you can opt out of all communication if you want).

What does membership include?

  • Up to 20% off at City of Edmonton recreation centres
  • Access to Allendale Community League events
  • Subsidized programs like Yoga, Zumba, and Meditation classes,
  • Community activities like the Dart and Bridge Clubs
  • Access to Allendale tennis courts, skating rink and garden
  • Monthly email community e-news
  • Ability to register for sports programs, such as EMSA soccer
  • Maintaining the community spaces like our community hall, skating rink, tennis court, playground, basketball court, community garden, and our park grounds

Where can I purchase my membership?

  • Directly from the Allendale Community League by
    • calling the Memberships Coordinator at 780-469-0361
    • using the form below or emailing
  • At all Allendale Community League sponsored events and activities. Payment by cash or cheque
  • Online purchase for Individual and Family memberships are available at Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues 
  • In-person during business hours at Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues 7103 105 Street, Edmonton​, directly south of Strathcona Composite High School