Memberships are purchased annually. Members must fill out a membership card with an email address for communication purposes, but are able to opt out of any mailing lists.

What does membership include?

  • Up to 20% off at City of Edmonton recreation centres
  • Access to Allendale Community League events
  • Subsidized programs like Yoga, Zumba, and Meditation classes,
  • Community activities like the Dart and Bridge Clubs
  • Access to Scona Pool, Allendale tennis courts and skating rink
  • Monthly email community updates
  • Ability to register for sports programs, such as EMSA soccer
  • Maintaining the community spaces like our community hall, skating rink, tennis court, playground, basketball court, community garden, and the flower beds

How much does it cost?

Single membership, no swim passes $5: Special event pricing is optional and will be available ONLY IN PERSON at advertised events (such as the Allendale Big Bin Event, door-to-door membership drives, etc.). Special Event pricing includes a single or family membership, but does not include swim passes.

Individual $10: This includes 5 free swim passes for Scona Pool, plus all the other benefits

Family $20: This includes 10 free swim passes for Scona Pool (in total, not per person), plus all other benefits.

Where can I purchase my membership?

  • Online purchase for Individual and Family memberships are available at Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
  • In-person during business hours at Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues 7103 105 Street, Edmonton​, directly south of Strathcona Composite High School
  • At Allendale Community League sponsored events (e.g. Big Bin, Community League Day, Oktoberfest, AGM) Note: Until further notice we will not be handling cash at our events so please purchase your membership online. 
  • Directly from the Allendale Community League by