June is Bike Month Challenge!

June is bike month challenge poster

June is Bike Month and with it comes the Community League Bike Month Challenge! 


The intra-League challenge runs between June 1 and June 30. The premise is simple: whichever League’s members ride the farthest wins.  

Allendale Community League members and non-members alike are invited to track their cycling and pool their kilometres with their neighbours on the Strava platform. Strava is an app / website that allows people to track their physical exercise using GPS data features on their smartphones. Download the Strava App to your mobile device and search for the club “Team Allendale” or use your computer to join at https://www.strava.com/clubs/Allendalebike. Strava is free to use, though has paid premium options you don’t need for this challenge and has different tools based on if you use it on the web or your phone.


If you don’t wish to use the Strava platform, no problem. Submit your total distance (in kilometres) for the week on Sunday by 6pm to: bikeallendale@gmail.com


Please keep in mind… If you take your family out for a ride, your children’s distance counts as well! So if your family of four takes a four-kilometre spin, you can report 16 km total!


Let’s get moving, Allendale!