The Allendale Advisor

The current incarnation of the Allendale Advisor is based on the notion that it will be more than a monthly flyer – rather, that it will be issued less frequently but contain more information. We hope that people would take the time to pick it up and leaf through it rather than pitching it straight into the recycle bin.
We’ve changed the distribution of the newsletter from Canada Post to using youth from the neighbourhood who are paid directly by the ACL.
With a print run of 1350 copies, each edition of the newsletter costs roughly $1500 to print and another $150 to distribute.
We’ve been averaging 3-4 newsletter per year. A small portion of the cost is offset with advertising but it currently does not amount to much.
We believe that with enough community and business advertising support, we can produce a worthwhile community newsletter.

Fall Issue

Summer Issue

Contact Us if you desire to have a back issue available to you. We have an archive.