Ice rink cancelled this year

Ice rink cancelled announcement

Due to unusually high temperatures this year, we are reluctantly forced to cancel the ice rink. Our hearts are hanging low. 💔


Q: “Why?! Winter just started!”

A: For us to make ice for the rink, temperatures consistently need to be below -10°C. It takes about 2 weeks of these low temperatures and many, many volunteer hours (at night!) to make the ice. 

Temperatures aren’t predicted to get to the right temperature until mid-January (at the earliest). That, coupled with the 2-week ice-making time, brings us to early February until the earliest grand opening. When skate season closes in March, the huge expense of flooding the rink, and the time of our dedicated volunteers, are not well-spent.


Q: “Other rinks around the city are open. How is this possible?”

A: The way our rink is positioned, if it’s sunny and only a little below zero, the sun can turn whatever ice there is into slush. Once it re-freezes, the ice will be rough and not fun for skating. 


Q: “Are we going to have anything else in the rink?”

A: There has been some discussion about clearing the tennis courts of snow and having a broomball event and/or a winter get-together with hot drinks, but nothing has been confirmed. If you are interested in getting involved in one or both of these events (or have an idea for another type of community event), please contact us at