Rink and Tennis Courts

Use of the ice rink and tennis courts is for community league members only. Visit the membership page to find out how to purchase one.

Ice Rink

Our ice rink hours are dependent on the weather and volunteer activities, please check our news page for current information before you go.

We would like to remind everyone that you can play a huge role in a fun and successful skating season if you follow these guidelines:
  • If there is snow on the ice – shovel it off. That means up and over the boards please.
  • Pick up after yourselves and use the garbage cans.
  • Maintain a respectful environment for all users – little ones, hockey players or casual skaters at all times. (Also please watch your language).
  • Watch out for each other and have fun.

Here’s a pro tip: Colder ice (especially the type found outdoors) is much harder, and will dull your skates very quickly. If you’re doing a lot of skating on the outdoor rink, it’s a good idea to get a sharpening before the season starts and again halfway through.

Please do NOT use the facilities when other renters are in the hall!!

Tennis Courts

Please note tennis courts are only open seasonally from 9 am – 9 pm daily for community league members, weather permitting.