EPCOR Flood Prevention Backwater Valve Subsidy


Weather in Edmonton is unpredictable and summer storms can creep up on us very quickly. If you live in a neighbourhood that has experienced flooding or you have had your basement back up, then you know how quickly it can happen.

One way to protect your home from a sewer back up is to have a backwater valve installed. This valve is installed on the private sewer pipe and can be done from inside or outside of your home. The valve is designed to close if water moves back up the sewer pipe from the public sewer line preventing the water from entering your basement. It’s a small investment that can make a big impact in your home.

Homes built in Edmonton before 1989 may not have a backwater valve on their private sewer line. At the time, it was not required by the building code to put one in. However, EPCOR has a subsidy program for homeowners who want to install a backwater valve and protect their basement.The program offers $800 to Edmonton homeowners and there are three things you need to do in order to access the subsidy.

  1. Call the EPCOR Flood Prevention Team at 780-944-7777 to arrange for a backwater valve pre- approval consultation. After the consultation, the advisor will let you know if you are approved for the program. If you are, the installation of the backwater valve can proceed.
  2. Contact a professional plumber to arrange for the installation of the backwater valve.
    Submit the backwater valve subsidy application to EPCOR within six months of the consultation.
  3. You will be required to show proof of the installation and payment for the backwater valve. We will also require a copy/photo of the City of Edmonton Acceptable green sticker that includes the permit number for the installation.

Take action today to protect your basement and belongings. Call us at 780-944-7777 to book an appointment. You can access more information about the backwater valve subsidy on our website at epcor.com/floodprevention.


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