2021 Yoga [On Hold]

COVID-19 Updates: State of public health emergency declared

Please review the our Covid information

Greetings fellow yogis!

Our fall 9-week session of yoga at Allendale Hall is back again. Although yoga will be a little bit different this year, rest assured Yoga with Kelly will still take you through yoga postures to strengthen the body, enhance, flexibility, improve posture and balance, calm the mind, and synchronize breath with movement.

LocationAllendale Hall, 6330 – 105A Street
Time: 7:30pm to 8:45pm Doors open at 7:20pm.
Dates: September 28, October 12, 19 & 26. November 9, 16 & 23 and 30, December 14
Cost: $100 / 9 sessions

Registration and payment are required in advance of the first class. To complete your registration, use the following form then contact Karen Brown Fournell to arrange payment (cash, cheque or e-transfer available). (780) 441-5591 or kbrownfournell@gmail.com.

A Community League Membership for 2021-2022 is required to secure your spot! Need to purchase your membership? If you are from Allendale, please contact Catherine at membership@allendalecommunity.ca or (780) 469-0361. Valid memberships from other Community Leagues are welcome. Registration is incomplete without a valid membership.

What to bring with you to be comfortable: yoga mat, water bottle, layered clothing and a blanket or any other props that you feel are necessary.

A staggered entry with face coverings is mandatory for participants entering and exiting the building. Face masks are required when physical distancing is not possible or when participants are not actively participating in the class

Important: All participants will receive further details on COVID-19 safety protocols via email before the first class. Proof of double vaccination is also a requirement for participants.

We hope you can join us!

Karen Brown Fournell,
Independent Arts Administrator

Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Allendale

Excerpt from the City of Edmonton:

Two parks in the Allendale neighbourhood have been included in the 2021 Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Program, and as part of this program we have planned to add new trees in this location. Notices will be delivered to adjacent properties and signage will be placed in the neighbourhood to provide advance notice of planting activities.

The tree planting locations in the park have been designed to maintain accessibility at all points and the continued use for informal play and recreation.

The species have been selected to improve the overall tree canopy diversity throughout the city as managed by the Urban Forestry Operations team.

The City is making unprecedented investments in growing the urban tree canopy in the city by planting an additional 6,000 new trees total in 2021 and 2022 through the Urban Tree Canopy Expansion Program.

Tree planting for 2021 began in April and is expected to wrap up in October. For inquiries, please contact treecanopy@edmonton.ca

Please find below the layout of the new trees for your reference.


For inquiries, please contact treecanopy@edmonton.ca
[Note: there are black circles along the edges of the white dotted areas indicating tree placement]

Big Bin Event – Sept 11

Date:  Saturday, September 11, 10 am to 2 pm

Presented by: Allendale Community League and Queen Alex Community League

Location: Back Parking Lot Allendale School (6415 – 106 St NW) 

We won’t have a charitable organization on hand this year due to timing constraints. Thanks


***Due to COVID-19, please wear a mask if you will be near any people or maintain a 2 metre distance.***

Please bring your current Community League Membership to gain access. Allendale Community League memberships will be sold at the event, however, we would appreciate it if you bought them here before the event.

Accepted items:

  • Electronics and small appliances – Electronics Roundup by Shanked Computer Recycling  (No fridges or freezers)
  • Unusable furniture and any other home furnishings or residential yard equipment
  • Lawn waste such as grass clippings, tree branches, bushes, leaves (no sod or dirt)

We do NOT allow the following item to be loaded into the BIN:

  • NO HAZARDOUS WASTE: no paint, batteries, chemicals (or any liquids, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.)
  • NO propane tanks or fire extinguishers
  • NO dead animals, manure, tires, mattresses, fridges, freezers or photocopiers
  • NO railway ties, dirt, sod or cement
  • DO NOT load bins above the top–this is unsafe and can result in extra fees

Please take the following to the ECO-Station (5150 – 99 St) instead:

  • Fridge and freezers (there is a fee of CFC removal)
  • Lights, Batteries or Hazardous material (e.g. paint, solvents, chemicals)

If you have any questions, please contact info@allendalecommunity.ca or info@queenalexandra.ca


Responsible Pet Ownership in Allendale

This is a reminder that walking/running dogs on the fields, in the playgrounds, and within enclosed spaces including the rink and tennis courts near the league hall and Allendale Junior High is not permitted. This includes the new park/picnic area near the hall.
From the edmonton.ca website:
  • Dogs are not permitted in picnic areas, playgrounds or sports fields. Dogs may be walked on trails only if they are on leash. Dogs may be off leash on parkland and trails only if you are in a designated off-leash area.
  • Dog’s are not permitted on school board property
If you have any concerns, please contact the City https://permits.edmonton.ca/default.aspx?appArea=Complaints

[Update] Community League Bike Challenge Week Two

It’s not too late to join Team Allendale for the June Community League Bike Challenge every km counts.

All you need to do is: ride your bike and track your distance. Read all the details in our June Community Bike Challenge post if you want to join.

Here is last week’s leaderboard for Team Allendale:

The grand total for all the communities involved (for a smaller community we are really holding our own – Go Team Allendale!!):

Huge thank-you to everyone who is participating.

2021 Allendale Annual General Meeting Invite

As noted previously, register through our link for the online Allendale Community League AGM  Thursday, Jun 10, 2021 at 6:00 PM Additional information will be provided.

You will also need to confirm your membership with us in order to vote. If you need a new membership, refer to our Memberships page to obtain one for you or your family.

Thank you

Allendale Community League Board of Directors

June Community Bike Challenge

community league bike month

What is the Community League Bike Month Challenge?

It’s to see which community league can bike the farthest in a month.


Bragging rights – last year some communities felt like Ritchie had the upper hand partly because Ritchie organized it, so THIS year we thought we’d throw our hat into the ring. Rest assured if we win this year, they’ll be hearing about it all year long.

Who’s invited?

Every Allendale community resident who rides a bike. Bar none.


Start tomorrow May 31 just because it’s a Monday and its easier to track a whole week.


Everywhere, across the city, mountains, roads, single tracks, anywhere a bike can go adds to the total km’s.


Allendale Community League members AND non-members alike are invited to track their cycling and pool their kilometres with their neighbours on Strava

Download the Strava App to your mobile device and search for the club “Team Allendale” to join. (View our club right now through the website)

Tips and Tricks

1) You can MANUALLY input activities into Strava even if you track your distance with a different device, just look for the plus sign [+].

  • On mobile, this is found on the “Feed” screen.
  • On a computer, go to the Strava website, set up or sign in to your Strava account and choose the “Training” dropdown menu at the top. Select “Activities” and find the plus symbol [+] in the top right corner by your profile picture.)

2) For those without access to the Strava app: submit your total distance (in kilometres) to: vicepres@allendalecommunity.ca every week.. To keep track of the leagues totals, Ritchie Community League will post the results on their website.

3) If you take your family out for a ride, your children’s distance counts as well! So if your family of four takes a four-kilometre spin, you can report 16 km total!

Bonus Challenge

Participate in the ParticipACTION Community Better Challenge by downloading the free ParticipACTION app and track all kinds of physical activity. It’s part of a nation-wide search for Canada’s Most Active Community. Now, more than ever, physical activity and sport participation is important to help us stay healthy in mind, body, and community spirit.

So what are you waiting for? Get on your bikes and ride!

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks also go to Dan at Ritchie Community League for organizing this. Also check out their Bike Information link.

Drainage Repair and Traffic Issues – 61 Ave and 109 St

On October 8, 2020, inspection of a sewer trunk line 23 metres below 61 Ave, found a 2.5-metre-long opening along the top of it. Further inspection at the intersection of 61 Ave and 109 St found materials around the trunk line had also eroded creating a void.

EPCOR placed roadblocks, reduced speed limit signs, and local traffic only signs in the area. Edmonton Traffic Enforcement were in the area for a short period to ticket speeding motorists or those not obeying traffic signs (i.e., not coming to a complete stop or performing illegal U-turns). The city eventually placed rerouting information in the surrounding areas.

Estimated completion of the repair work is now July 31.

For a update from EPCOR, please review their most recent update: EPCOR March 2021 Update

Registration is now open for the 2021 Soccer Season.


Registration includes training fees only as there are NO GAMES at this time. Once AHS lifts the COVID 19 restrictions, SWMSA will collect additional fees.

Registration for the 2021 Soccer Season is online at emsasouthwest.com/play/registration.

Allendale does not have a volunteer soccer coordinator so no plans were made to have a team. But keep your community in mind since Allendale has large field spaces so close by. If you are interested, possibly for this year or next, complete our volunteer page to join the board then get in touch with EMSA.