Allendale Rink Update

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We are opening Friday, December 11.

Please remember, the rink is for Allendale and Queen Alexandra residents following public health restrictions.

Rink Hours: 9 am – 10 pm.

Use of the rink is at your own risk.

If you observe public health violations please phone 311 (City Bylaw) or 1-833-415-9179 (AHS-Environmental Public Health)..

And on behalf of our Ice making volunteers we’d like to remind everyone that you can play a huge role in a fun and successful skating season if you follow these guidelines:
  • If there is snow on the ice – shovel it off. That means up and over the boards please.
  • Pick up after yourselves and use the garbage cans.
  • Maintain a respectful environment for all users (watch your language).
  • Watch out for each other and have fun.
Here’s a pro tip: Colder ice (especially the type found outdoors) is much harder, and will dull your skates very quickly. If you’re doing a lot of skating on the outdoor rink, it’s probably a good idea to get a sharpening before the season starts and again half way through.