Abundant Community



​Abundant Community Edmonton (or Abundant Community, or ACE) is a program supported by the City of Edmonton, but created by communities and their members. It was designed to connect neighbours and to make communities safer and more vibrant places to live. The idea at the heart of ACE is that the stronger the connections between neighbours are, the safer, more vibrant, and more resilient their communities become.


Each neighbourhood block is assigned a Block Connector, a community volunteer who acts as the point person for the families living on the block. They begin by introducing their neighbours at an informal gathering, such as a barbecue, open house, or wine and cheese. The Block Connector then interviews each household on their block to find out what activities they would like to participate in with neighbours, what skills they have that they might be willing to contribute for the benefit of the community, and to discover what their vision is for the neighbourhood. Interview responses are then cataloged and used to create community groups and activities, to help neighbours in need, and to shape the neighbourhood according to the ideals of its residents. Allendale residents’ responses to the interview questions will be anonymized and added to the website as they become available, so people can see how our community thinks of itself.



The City of Edmonton’s hopes that Abundant Community Edmonton communities will help their residents to:

  • Enable relationship building to advance connection and belonging
  • Shape community life according to residents’ vision for their neighbourhood
  • Build neighbourhood identity and pride through shared ownership and responsibility
  • Facilitate local recreation opportunities
  • Foster an environment of care for one another
  • Reduce social isolation
  • Increase safety on the block and in the neighbourhood
  • Build the capacity of the neighbourhood to engage with neighbourhood leadership and the City of Edmonton


Our Block Connectors have been asking their neighbours what they would like to see, to do, and to have in Allendale.

The three questions asked concern:

Click on the links above to review the survey results for each question.

Do you want to answer the survey if you were missed, or know if your block has a block connector, or become a block connector or help with connecting, or contribute to our community?

Please email allendaleace@gmail.com.
How would you like to participate, to be in, to shape our community?