Wanted: Hall Caretaker & Bookings Manager

Wanted: Hall Caretaker and Bookings Manager

The Board of the Allendale Community League is looking for a new caretaker for the Community League Hall.

The ideal candidate lives in Allendale, with flexibility during the day to lock/unlock the ice rick and tennis courts, and manage hall rentals.

Duties include booking hall rentals, arranging for keys and damage deposits, and cleaning the hall twice a week.

Grounds duties may include minor repairs to the hall/sheds and  recreation areas, equipment repairs, checking security cameras, and assisting with other grounds maintenance (shovelling, mowing) as required.

Start date: March 1, 2020.

For details or to apply, please contact the league board at: allendalecommunityleague@gmail.com.

Applications accepted until February 21, 2020.